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Automation of work cell

Automation of work cell

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CNC Fully Auto Tube Bender

CNC Fully Auto Tube Bender

We offer fully automatic pipe bender CNC-controlled machining of pipes with a diameter from 4mm to 220mm. These models 3,4,5,6,7,8 axial (hybrid models with electrical control in conjunction with the plumbing) and all-electric models in the 10-12 axis.


Double finishing & Double-bend tube bender | Robotic Metal Tube Machines Manufacturer | YLM Group

Located in Taiwan since 1976, YLM Group has been a tube and pipe bending machine manufacturer. Their main machinery, include Double finishing & Double-bend tube bender, CNC electric tube bending machines, CNC electric R&L tube bending machines, CNC hybrid tube bending machines, end-forming machines and 6-axis vertical articulated mechanical arms, which are ISO 9001:2015 and CE MARK certified.

YLM provides advanced and practial solutions to customer who gets invovel of metal tubular bending, especially for the sector of transporatation of two/three/four wheelers, furniture tubular components, shipbuild and boiler parts, and some of havey industrial components. YLM Group's CNC, NC and conventional types of tube & pipe bending equipment has been sold worldwide with solid reputation. The innovative cold-bending technology and equipments solutions for companies in metal tube forming industries, especially automotive, furniture, heating, ship-building with tube od range from from 4 to 220 mm, tube w.t from 0.4 mm to 10 mm, the CLR from 0.6 to unlimited.

YLM Group has been offering customers high-quality CNC tube and pipe bending machines, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, YLM Group ensures each customer's demands are met.

Double finishing & Double-bend tube bender


The machine (CR-F38) is an improvement of CR-T38. It is capable of providing more than 3 different processing methods and is called "universal machine" in the field of doublebend processing. This machine comes with 2 rotary.

Conventional models tube bender - double finishing & double-bend tube bender

  • This machine (CR-F38) is an improvement of CR-T38. It is copable of providing more then 3 different processing methods and is called "universal machine" in the field of double bend processing. This machine comes with 2 rotary tables.
  • The rotary angles can be set up according to the shapes of work-pieces.
  • This machine is flexible. It can do both front side bending (same as CR-T38) & inside bending. Besides, this machine can be simply used as single-bend pipe bender.
  • The feature of the pipes made by this machine:
    (1) Excellent surface flatness and angle.
    (2) Quality stable.
    (3) Beautiful appearance without wrinkles.
  • Two shafts can do different angles bending. Both of these 2 angles can be adjusted freely from 0° to 180°.
  • Production capacity: produce 720 pcs (Max.) of pipes with two-end bending.
  • The distance between the center line of 2 main shafts:
    (1) Front-side bending: 140 m/m (Min,) ~ 1,100 m/m (Max.).
    (2)Inside bending: 150 m/m (Min.) ~ 900 m/m (Max.).
  • Production capability:
  • Front-side bending: (Same as CR-T38)
    (1) Produce 1 pipe each time for O.D 38m/m pipe.
    (2) Produce 3 pipes at the same time for O.D. 19 m/m pipe.
  • Inside bending: Produce 1 pc each time for the O.D. 38 m/m & smaller pipes.


TYPEO.D. * Wall
Range of Radius
Range of BendingHorse PowerTotal LengthTotal WidthTotal HeightTotal WeightRange of Bending Speed
CR-F38DRight side38*2.025~170110°7.5HP2500mm1800mm2000mm1800kg90°3~4/sec
In side180°
  • The above machine specification is subject to change without previous notice due to the continuous improvement of R&D.
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