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Automation of work cell

Automation of work cell

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CNC Fully Auto Tube Bender

CNC Fully Auto Tube Bender

We offer fully automatic pipe bender CNC-controlled machining of pipes with a diameter from 4mm to 220mm. These models 3,4,5,6,7,8 axial (hybrid models with electrical control in conjunction with the plumbing) and all-electric models in the 10-12 axis.


40 Years Automation Bending Work Cell | CNC, NC & Conventional Types of Tube & Pipe Bending Machinery Supplier - YLM Group

Located in Taiwan, YLM Group, since 1976, is a Automation Bending Work Cell manufacturer in CNC machine and pipe bending machine market. Main machinery, including CNC electric tube bending machine, CNC electric R&L tube bending machine, CNC hybrid tube bending machine, end-forming machine, robot, etc.

YLM Group's CNC, NC & conventional types of tube & pipe bending equipment has been sold worldwide with solid reputation. The innovative cold-bending technology and equipments solutions for companies in metal tube forming industries, especially automotive, furniture, heating, ship-building with tube od range from from 4 to 220 mm, tube w.t from 0.4 mm to 10 mm, the CLR from 0.6 to unlimited.

YLM Group has been offering customers high-quality CNC, NC & conventional types of tube & pipe bending machinery, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, YLM Group ensures each customer's demands are met.

Automation Bending Work Cell

Work Cell

YLM designs and builds the "Smart Automation Cell" which is equipped for remote monitoring of unmanned production systems. YLM leads the industry in a number of applications, including the professional emphasis on high precision robotics and the array of capabilities within the central control system. Multitasking with multiple tubes simultaneously processed increases productivity and part quality. YLM's Central Control System can operate in the single machine mode, multi-machine mode, or work cell mode. This provides the solutions for increased productivity and improved part quality while reducing capital investment spending. YLM's "Smart Automation Cell" is constructed with high quality components to ensure low maintenance and easy operational control to maximize your productivity. YLM as an intelligent device leading manufacturer can drive your productivity gains and transform your production flows to reach industry 4.0.


Automation increases the efficiency to meet high demands in the manufacturing facility. Smart Automation offers the ability to produce with precise accuracy while minimizing cycle times.


The quality of the finished products achieve the industry's highest standards of quality.


Robotic automation extends machine operational time with a reduction of manpower for labor intensive tasks and processes ensuring profitable and highly efficient production.

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